Kansas Statewide Habitat Fund

We established a State Habitat Fund in Kansas to enable our Chapters to have a statewide impact. The account is funded by voluntary contributions from our chapters, our members and through other fundraising opportunities undertaken by staff.  This Fund is used to broaden our footprint and enhance our mission-reach. We generally focus our statewide work in three categories: habitat management, habitat protection and conservation outreach. As you read on you will learn about more of the details of how the Missouri State Habitat Fund is put to work. 

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Accomplishments and Areas of Work


Habitat Management

Managing pheasant, quail and other wildlife habitat through incentives, technical assistance and outreach to those who manage land.

Wildlife Biologist Partnership

4 Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist (currently with vacancies to fill) housed in NRCS Offices under a partnership with NRCS, KDWPT, WAFWA and others.

  • Provided technical assistance to over 1,667 landowners—resulted in nearly 29,145 acres conserved

  • Hosted a booth at the Great Plains Nature Center during the Honeybee Festival Pollinator Party where we attracted over 800 folks to discuss habitat

Landowner Workshops & Tours

Workshops held and tours conducted across the state focused on CRP, Pollinators, prescribed fire and other habitat related topics.

  • Hosted 13 CRP habitat workshops

  • Conducted 7 habitat tours

  • Facilitated enrollment of over 10,000 acres of new CRP

  • Held across the state each winter for landowners and resource professionals

  • Hosted a total of about 50 landowner habitat & prescribed burn workshops

Pheasant Initiative

Specific Ring-necked Pheasant management initiatives on both public and private acres

Quail Initiative

Specific Bobwhite Quail management initiatives on both public and private acres

Habitat Protection

Building the public land base and protecting habitat permanently across Kansas

Kansas Permanent Habitat Fund

  • Facilitating the purchase of public land

  • Engangement in the purchase and mantenance of permanent conservation easements

Conservation Outreach and Youth Engagement

Providing youth and adult education and leadership for using pollinators in habitat developments

Pollinator Workshops

Workshops at which leaders are coached in the best management of pollinators

Mentored Youth Hunts

Sponsored hunts where youth are coached on safe and practical hunting method

Education, Outreach and Pollinators

Providing youth and adult education and leadership for using pollinators in habitat developments

  • Received a $40,000 private donation to support our Pollinator Project and other youth focused programming

  • Hosted a Focus on Forever event for over 40 participants

  • 12 Pollinator Projects were conducted totaling 12 acres; 565 youth gained valuable knowledge and experience and 118 volunteers helped to provide guidance

  • Worked with chapters to host over 200 youth events impacting over 2,300 youth

  • Partnered with USFWS on a shrub planting project at the Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge – over 9,500 American Plums planted.

  • Chapters have ac cess to the FSS Trailer to help with youth events. Maintained by KS

Annual Kansas Team Meeting

PF/QF staff from across Kansas gets together for 3 days of crucial meetings and training

  • Strategized new ways to help our chapters & partners put more habitat on the ground & more youth afield

Public Outreach

Extensive engagement of the public through various media for mission in Kansas

  • Maintain and update Website for PF and QF in Kansas

  • Maintain and regularly post to PF and QF in Kansas Facebook Page

  • Conduct various radio shows and prepare vital press releases for matters important to PF and QF